Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boys With Girlfriends

Soooooo my weekend was pretty entertaining. Friday I went to bed early, well in college terms I went to bed before midnight. The next day Briye and I decided to go to the wonderful place named Spring City for this artist studio tour that they host every year. I mean we didn't have tickets to the BYU vs. Wyoming game (which we shut out) and we didn't have any other more appealing ideas to spend our Saturday. So off we went to the wonderful city, which I would consider pretty close to Ephraim, and Briye would call it Nephi just because thats the exit you take off I-15. Anyways, we got there, bought our tickets, and scrambled all over town in order to see as much art as we could fit in before 4pm.

I just want to say how surprised I was at the amount of talent that little town has. Briye especially took a liking to Kathleen Peterson's work, and not to mention she was a way nice lady to talk to. This town also seems to be incredibily freindly. I mean I'm not gonna lie....I judged the town as a little hick place that really has nothing going for it. This place is ten times cooler than I thought it was. And who knew that many artists lived there? Another thing-I mean I get it, I'm a history nerd okay. The town is known for all its historic buildings and I couldn't help but admire the beautiful architecture of each house. I actually went as far as taking pictures of different things I liked....even though I know I am not building a house or buying one anytime soon. One house seriously looked like an Italian estate! (I want it) Another house really made me want to break out in some line dancing or whatever people do at barn yard can tell I have no clue what I'm talking about.

But anyways....long story short. We are getting old. Haha seriously. I'm in love with that little town and its so not like me. I mean this is coming from the girl who considers San Francisco to be her favorite place.

Thanks Jamie for inviting us to come to Spring City for the day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paper Planes

Okay, Okay! It has been far too long since I have posted on my blog and I'm tired of being such a plain jane blogger! (and Briye peer pressured me, and dang is she good at that)

I literally had the time of my life this summer, sorry it was not very well documented.... The truth is I have been in such a slacker mode that I haven't applied myself to anything but traveling.

One of the better highlights of summer has to be when I visited my favorite city, yes yes I talk about it all the time to my friends....San Francisco!

Things I learned during
the trip:
Self Portraits while you are walking can so
metimes turn out decent

Cheesecake Factory has the worst service EVER. and the cheesecake doesn't make up for it
(ya that is my sister Erika holding one of the straws they put in our hot chocolate drinks....which melted into these contorted shapes)
but that was not the reason they sucked so bad

I am also horrible at optical illusions
(i'm trying to kiss his cheek. I guess.)

Erika is actually pretty good at Ipod ads

Fiats are the most adorable vehicle and I want one as soon as possible

I will miss my family like crazy while I am gone at school : (

Miss you Air Bear and Papa Bear!

P.S. I promise to write way more on this blogular. I mean it.Stay tuned for mas.