Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Whatever Gets You Through the Day"

A lot has happened since my last post. That's almost an understatement I think: My mom passed away, Bri and Adam got married, I've been redecorating the living room, and I started talking to some friends that I had written off for awhile. I've been doing okay, I mean I have my moments but I know that my mom wouldn't want me to be brought down by her death so I have been trying my hardest to not think of her in that way, and instead I just remember all the memories I have with her and how I hope that I can measure up to be at least a fraction of how awesome she was. I was in Barnes and Noble today with one of my friends, Heidi, looking through the new Postsecret book: A Lifetime of Secrets (go to the postsecret website for more info) and I completely felt like I related to one of the secrets. I remember the wording vaguely so don't quote me on it...but it talked about how someone did not really think of someone who had passed away as dead, but that they wanted to believe that the person was on a vacation somewhere having the time of their life. I had just thought about this exact thing earlier this morning. I just thought that it really hasn't hit me yet and really I just feel like she is on a vacay somewhere, perhaps Hawaii just living it up...she loved going to Hawaii : ) I think I want to go there for Christmas now, just to spend some quality time with the fam bam and live it up like I know she would be.