Monday, January 26, 2009

Love Bug

I know it is not exactly the 14th of February, you know Singles Awareness Day for us single people? But I couldn't help but start thinking about how much I miss my loved ones. I don't think I have ever sent any holiday cards, EVER. So this year I'm changing that. I just started looking at some Valentine's Day cards on Etsy and I knew I wanted to send at least one to my sister. Etsy is a place where you can find crafters and various artists selling their own designs and things, im trying to get better at supporting such wonderful individuals. I think I just found the perfect one from pink mist.
I'm sure my sister will be delighted. Since she loves President Obama so much....haha.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Oh If There Is One Thing That We Know..."

....going to shows is amazing. Particularly going to see the new artist Lenka and the local Drew Danburry . I used to go to shows all the time. What happened? I guess I just kind of kept any shows off my radar, I used to be so good at knowing who was coming to Salt Lake! Anyways I think my angst to go see shows has returned.

Thanks to my roommate Alyssa for coming along for the ride as well! She was such a good show companion : ) and by that I mean she likes Lenka just as much as I do so I didn't have to hear her complain one bit about being uninterested. I know maybe a few people know what I mean about this. Who you go with to shows is almost just as important as who is playing. Believe me. From experience.

Just so you know, Lenka is adorable. She is so petite and even went so far as to stand on a milk crate so the back of the audience could see her. Because of the wholes in these crates I was so scared she was gonna fall off the stage! Coincidentally the song she sang was "Don't Let Me Fall". And she didn't, fall that is. She only lasted two songs on the crate but it was so awesome to see her being a trooper in those heels for her fans. If you get a chance go see her!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Moment of Love, A Dream, A Laugh

Okay so I was reading my daily blog subscriptions today when I came across Ambrosia Girl's post about a film playing at Sundance this week. My interest was peaked when she mentioned my girl crush of the moment (it is her's as well), Zooey Deschanel, and her movie 500 Days of Summer. I don't mean to copy her post by any means, but let me tell you I'm hooked. This movie looks awesome. I bought the song featured in the trailer, and have found myself humming it several times today.
I was....maybe thinking about going to Park City in hopes of seeing a film this weekend but now I'm definitely putting myself in the standby line for this film. I guess I'll post later on whether or not I will even get to see the film. I do hope I get in.
....And regardless of whether I get in or not, It comes out this summer and maybe to a theatre near me. Now to further the addiction chain I will include the trailer that has got me going to the festival.

Ya Gotta Get With My Friends

Maybe or maybe not I stayed up till three in the morning on Sunday night. Maybe we even made a music video. Maybe we even called one of my friends to come help film in the process. Maybe it was a little embarrassing. Maybe I almost know what hypothermia feels like now. I mean hey, it could have happened right?

I guess only time will tell if I decide to show you the semi-awesome footage of our little apt. 211 venture.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keep My Hands Out the Cookie Jar

I don't think anyone understands my love for Girl Scouts. Not necessarily because of the various services they do, which are indeed commendable....I'm talking about something else. Maybe some of you already wait for this time of year as well and your just waiting for me to spill the beans. Okay, okay already! Its cookie time : )

I myself enjoy the Samoans the most, but I can't help but enjoy thin mints and the other ones with peanut butter inside them. I'm a fan of peanut butter in a lot of things actually, considering pb m&m's are by far my favorite candy.

Well needless to say, I'm excited. Me and my friend Dan Smock talked about our obsession with them before Christmas. And we eventually discussed perhaps ordering some off of ebay because we were so desperate. We were not sure how legit the ones were on ebay however, and our interest never turned into actually making a purchase...but nonetheless you understand how much I love them now! Perhaps this weekend I will venture out into the greater Provo area and find a GS to finally get my coveted box of cookies or should I just say boxeS?
Find your local Girl Scouts here
Good luck friends!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Glamorous. Flossy Flossy.

Over Christmas break American Idol Encore occupied my life. Not because I necessarily had a case of boredom, mostly just because me and my sister wanted to unblock "Over the Rainbow" by getting 15 platinum songs. Needless to say the version it ended up being was no where near the original version we were hoping for. What a disappointment, so not worth our time. But to be honest, It was pretty hilarious listening to me and my sister struggle to sing to American Idol's standards. I don't even sing good at all but this game is awesome.
P.S. I just got American Idol Encore 2! ugh nerd alert. I get it okay, you don't have to tell me!