Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Evening in Roma

I don't think I have expressed how much I love to travel yet. But I promise you I want to travel the world. On top of my list is Italy. I took a Modern Italian history course last semester and fell in love. This video just makes me want to go right this second!
I plan on going to Italy when I graduate college with my sister, and perhaps backpacking to a few other places as well. But for now..........enjoy this lovely video made of photographs.

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from napdan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

I got to ride my bicycle finally! My best friend Georgia gave me her bike this last summer and I haven't been riding it because the weather in Utah isn't all that fun. I love that another one of my roommates has a cruiser as well and we were able to take a little stroll....which eventually turned into a few hours. We rode over to one of our old friends houses that used to live in our ward when we lived in Raintree. It is just so fun to reminisce on the good ol' days.
From here on out, as long as the Provo weather permits, I want to go on a few weekly bike rides.

Burnin' Up

It's official in case you didn't know already....I am a nerd. And now you can add boy band concert goin' nerd to that. I just bought some tickets to Provo's Stadium of Fire on July 4th. The Jonas Brothers will be in attendance. I'm going to surprise my sister when I go home next month with the ticket and a flight to come visit me in Utah (because I know she loves them and she hasn't visited me in forever!).

I miss her so much.

Thanks Dad!

Can't wait to see them at the end of the semester. My Dad is even going to brave the San Francisco traffic that he hates to come pick me up. I'll have to of course make him go to the pier while I am there. I miss the ocean oh so much!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On My Shoulders

I already said I was obsessed. Here is the official trailer of 500 days of Summer.
Having seen it already it makes me think of why I like the movie so much. hopefully it isn't changed too much when it hits theaters

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Treat You Wrong

I love Sundays, but today I was just far too bored. So I finally decided to finish the first role I had in my Diana F+ camera and then used my little powershot canon when there was hardly any light left outside. It made the day pass by faster. Everyone was gone so my roomie Jolee came along for the ride and brought her own cam too. I'll be the first to say I don't know anything about photography but that doesn't stop me from wanting to take pictures : ) I think I just miss living with someone always taking pictures, miss you Michelle! but anyways here are some I took in the short little time we were on center street today.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


(This picture is from all the way back in Halloween when I helped Pat dress as a bum)

Last night I went to the gallery stroll on University Ave with my good friend Pat. We had a grand time, and enjoyed yummy food from the SmokeHouse. I was pleasantly content with the vast amount of food we got. Good times. We wanted to go to Gloria's Little Italy but were too hungry to time!

We were kind of unimpressed by the art exhibit Sego had called "I am Chris Purdie"
I guess we just weren't cool enough for the exhibit.

Anyways.....I know I said I would be posting music for my friends to listen to and today I am posting some songs I REALLY like from the artist 'Lights'. She is from Canada and I just love her sound.
She is one of my favorites. I hope the next time she tours in the US I get to see her. Ooooh and I included two versions of her song "Last Thing On Your Mind" because I just love both. Enjoy friends....

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keeps Getting Better

California was amazing. I didn't really have any expectations for this trip, but let me tell you it was by far the funnest trip to southern California. Had a blast. What did I do?

Got pulled over in Barstow (got a fix it ticket)
Spent the night at my friend Jana's (hung out with her awesome mom and her dog Peanut)
Disneyland (of course)
-went on rides with Joey and Max till they left, went on rides with Dave and his brother-in-law and then went on rides with my good amiga Heidi!
Left the park and had some amazing taco soup in my friend Heidi's infamous 'pillow room'
slept in hotel room (snuck Max in)
Met my friend Monique at the park
Decided to go to Newport Beach
Watched the sunset
Went to Jana's house
Picked up the boys from the park and slept
Dropped the boys off at church
Picked up the boys and left for home : (
Laughed the hardest I have in awhile because of my good friend Dave's shenanigans
Stopped in Vegas for a few hours
H&M (YES!)
Got pulled over in Beaver, UT for speeding (no ticket!)
Arrived in Provo, UT at 4am

And then the exhaustion hit me, but I don't regret one second.

Look at this awesome painting my friend Heidi gave me! I'm so proud of it. I have such talented friends. And really this is a horrible picture of the painting because there is so much more that isn't captured but eh I wanted to show it anyways.

Sooo I think I just might already be planning another trip.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Con Te Partiro

I love my Disneyland. I will post on my adventures in California later this week. for now here is a short video I took while on Thunder Mountain. It is kind of crazy....