Sunday, March 30, 2008

Delaying Homework

So tonight I am trying my best to ignore this Spanish test and also this religion paper I need to write. I can't help it okay....I am inherently not capable of focusing on one thing for that long. and speaking of focusing on things, finals are in about two weeks. Disgusting.
I want to know why every party in Provo has to get shut down, I mean seriously come on?! Last year nothing I went to got shot down and most of the parties were decent so I mean what is up with the Po-po's in this area? They are seriously a bunch of dukes. I'm actually excited to be able to go to Bombay's when I get home, least on Tuesdays I will be able to. I actually can't wait to be home period. Not because of problems or issues going on here, I just really miss home right now. My mom hasn't been doing very well and I can't wait till I can just hang out with her and not have to deal with a J.O.B. or school. That is my incentive I have decided. I will survive finals. And speaking of this coming month.....Grey's Anatomy will be on again! Only my roommates know how obsessed I have become over this show, but really I can't help it I'm so addicted now. and after re-watching all previous seasons and the few from the current fourth season....I can't wait any longer! Oooh and this is me typing a reminder to myself to include some pictures from Saturday's festival of colors. It was bomb. At least until I got colored corn starch in my teeth and kept having to spit out the various colors that I continued to take in. Maybe I will add those pics next time. But until then I have included a picture of us girls getting ready to go out, hyphy style : )

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"What time is o six hundred hours?"

Yes, it is Easter Sunday and I understand I should be eating a really good ham meal, surrounded by family and maybe even helping little kids hunt for easter eggs. But instead I'm in a completely different state because my school doesn't even have a spring break! You think because BYU is a religious private university that maybe they would have given us an extra day off. But nooo of course not. So instead what do I decide to do? I go in my room and watch Cloverfield on my macbook.
I mean seriously what is becoming of this blog? Its just me critiquing recent movies that I've watched haha. Let's hope that isn't what becomes of it, cuz I'm pretty sure I'm not a pro when it comes to judging good films. But I have to say that the suspense was killing me, I had to see this movie! All my friends have pretty much seen it and all I hear is mixed reviews, most of them either love it or they hate it. I wanted my own opinion because I tend to rely on my own interpretation, cuz Briye told me Across the Universe sucked and I actually like that movie sooo I pretty much have to watch it myself to see if I like it. I'm not gonna lie, I LOVED it. My heart raced the whole time and I don't know if that was just because I was watching a bootlegged version online and couldn't see everything clearly or if it actually was a good movie but it definitely had me on edge. I don't want to give anything away and I refuse to do so. You just have to watch it for yourself. Feel free to give me your input on what you thought of it or have heard about it.
I guess I will go and try to call my family again which I'm sure by now they have been filled by a hearty easter Sunday dinner. Jealous.
-Peace and Love

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brave New World?

So I'm writing this, but seriously who is going to read this? NO ONE.

Actually ya, I'm pretty sure you are and you know what? I'm flattered! Haha but seriously lets get on with this thing. Life is good right now, I can't even complain. Well actually, I kind of dislike my Spanish class. And don't get me wrong I love learning it for the second time, but ya I kind of feel sometimes I'm learning things that aren't really relevant to the level that I'm at right now. I've kind of decided that I want to take another Spanish class but never again for school credit, it just has nothing to do with the medical pre-reqs I SHOULD be taking. Ugh ya that was me just giving myself a reminder to get on that.
Anyways, me and Morgan are watching Enchanted right now and its 'magical'. I'm serious, this movie is so awesome, it makes me laugh and seriously why the heck was Giselle not in the parade at Disneyland!? Umm I can't wait to go back and she better be back in the parade by then or else I'm going to be pissed. I'd also like to bring up the fact that watching this movie is what I decided to do with my Saturday night, ya thats how much of a party girl I am. Seriously though, what would I do without my Morgan! Ya I will add more later I'm kind of ending on a random note but this is my first blog entry so give me a break.