Sunday, March 30, 2008

Delaying Homework

So tonight I am trying my best to ignore this Spanish test and also this religion paper I need to write. I can't help it okay....I am inherently not capable of focusing on one thing for that long. and speaking of focusing on things, finals are in about two weeks. Disgusting.
I want to know why every party in Provo has to get shut down, I mean seriously come on?! Last year nothing I went to got shot down and most of the parties were decent so I mean what is up with the Po-po's in this area? They are seriously a bunch of dukes. I'm actually excited to be able to go to Bombay's when I get home, least on Tuesdays I will be able to. I actually can't wait to be home period. Not because of problems or issues going on here, I just really miss home right now. My mom hasn't been doing very well and I can't wait till I can just hang out with her and not have to deal with a J.O.B. or school. That is my incentive I have decided. I will survive finals. And speaking of this coming month.....Grey's Anatomy will be on again! Only my roommates know how obsessed I have become over this show, but really I can't help it I'm so addicted now. and after re-watching all previous seasons and the few from the current fourth season....I can't wait any longer! Oooh and this is me typing a reminder to myself to include some pictures from Saturday's festival of colors. It was bomb. At least until I got colored corn starch in my teeth and kept having to spit out the various colors that I continued to take in. Maybe I will add those pics next time. But until then I have included a picture of us girls getting ready to go out, hyphy style : )

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