Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brave New World?

So I'm writing this, but seriously who is going to read this? NO ONE.

Actually ya, I'm pretty sure you are and you know what? I'm flattered! Haha but seriously lets get on with this thing. Life is good right now, I can't even complain. Well actually, I kind of dislike my Spanish class. And don't get me wrong I love learning it for the second time, but ya I kind of feel sometimes I'm learning things that aren't really relevant to the level that I'm at right now. I've kind of decided that I want to take another Spanish class but never again for school credit, it just has nothing to do with the medical pre-reqs I SHOULD be taking. Ugh ya that was me just giving myself a reminder to get on that.
Anyways, me and Morgan are watching Enchanted right now and its 'magical'. I'm serious, this movie is so awesome, it makes me laugh and seriously why the heck was Giselle not in the parade at Disneyland!? Umm I can't wait to go back and she better be back in the parade by then or else I'm going to be pissed. I'd also like to bring up the fact that watching this movie is what I decided to do with my Saturday night, ya thats how much of a party girl I am. Seriously though, what would I do without my Morgan! Ya I will add more later I'm kind of ending on a random note but this is my first blog entry so give me a break.


  1. Hey, I'm reading your blog and that's all that matters! And don't act all embarrassed for staying home on a Saturday night watching Enchanted. You know you loved it AND it was your idea! You love it. And the sushi. That was just about as magical as Andalasia.

  2. I own that movie and i want to be Giselle.