Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keeps Getting Better

California was amazing. I didn't really have any expectations for this trip, but let me tell you it was by far the funnest trip to southern California. Had a blast. What did I do?

Got pulled over in Barstow (got a fix it ticket)
Spent the night at my friend Jana's (hung out with her awesome mom and her dog Peanut)
Disneyland (of course)
-went on rides with Joey and Max till they left, went on rides with Dave and his brother-in-law and then went on rides with my good amiga Heidi!
Left the park and had some amazing taco soup in my friend Heidi's infamous 'pillow room'
slept in hotel room (snuck Max in)
Met my friend Monique at the park
Decided to go to Newport Beach
Watched the sunset
Went to Jana's house
Picked up the boys from the park and slept
Dropped the boys off at church
Picked up the boys and left for home : (
Laughed the hardest I have in awhile because of my good friend Dave's shenanigans
Stopped in Vegas for a few hours
H&M (YES!)
Got pulled over in Beaver, UT for speeding (no ticket!)
Arrived in Provo, UT at 4am

And then the exhaustion hit me, but I don't regret one second.

Look at this awesome painting my friend Heidi gave me! I'm so proud of it. I have such talented friends. And really this is a horrible picture of the painting because there is so much more that isn't captured but eh I wanted to show it anyways.

Sooo I think I just might already be planning another trip.....

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  1. I am so JEALOUS!!! take me with you take me with you!