Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paper Planes

Okay, Okay! It has been far too long since I have posted on my blog and I'm tired of being such a plain jane blogger! (and Briye peer pressured me, and dang is she good at that)

I literally had the time of my life this summer, sorry it was not very well documented.... The truth is I have been in such a slacker mode that I haven't applied myself to anything but traveling.

One of the better highlights of summer has to be when I visited my favorite city, yes yes I talk about it all the time to my friends....San Francisco!

Things I learned during
the trip:
Self Portraits while you are walking can so
metimes turn out decent

Cheesecake Factory has the worst service EVER. and the cheesecake doesn't make up for it
(ya that is my sister Erika holding one of the straws they put in our hot chocolate drinks....which melted into these contorted shapes)
but that was not the reason they sucked so bad

I am also horrible at optical illusions
(i'm trying to kiss his cheek. I guess.)

Erika is actually pretty good at Ipod ads

Fiats are the most adorable vehicle and I want one as soon as possible

I will miss my family like crazy while I am gone at school : (

Miss you Air Bear and Papa Bear!

P.S. I promise to write way more on this blogular. I mean it.Stay tuned for mas.

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  1. Oh snap! Way to go! And you and your sister are looking HOTT in those pics! Atta girls!