Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Don't worry we do this kinda stuff all the time.
now on to something else....

Okay so it's not really that cold right now. I know its coming though, the freezing air along with the icy patches that exist on campus. I have only fallen on my arse once since I have lived in Utah and I never desire to do so again. But I will continue to laugh at others who fall. So heres my tip, last year I discovered that wearing rain boots not only keeps your pants from getting soaking wet at the bottom, but also provides some pretty awesome tread in the snow! So this year I will be prepared. I have purchased two more pairs of rain boots to wear all winter long : ) Take that slippery/icy snow, i'm the boss now! I'm really proud of the herringbone ones I got which are below.

Remind me again why I live in a state where it snows constantly and i'm not even into snowboarding and skiing and all of that other shiza? I seriously ask myself that every winter.
On another note.
I WILL go see the lights at Temple Square this year. I have never gotten to do that and I insist this year. Can't waits.For now I'm back to writing papers. Oh so fun.........

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  1. I don't even remember that picture. I think you just Photoshopped me in so you looked cooler.