Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Art, I want you"

Umm I left my heart in Portland this time. What fun that trip was. I don't think I have ever actually spent Valentine's Day in Utah, at least I know for the last three years I have flown out to some where else. Ha. I like it.

So Valentine's Day was awesome. I was sick. Upside: I got to crash a stake couple's dance with my best friend and her husband! They had chocolate fountains, an awesome high school band, and even cheesier photos from peoples weddings in a slide show (mostly circa 1980s). Before the dance I had a lovely dinner with Georgia's friends in the above picture. Isn't it awesome meeting your besties other friends? They were all way cool and I especially enjoyed the couple game we played, because Georgia's husband wasn't there and we were each others spouse.

The next day we went to 23rd street and looked at some of the cute shops there and went to my favorite store....urban outfitters! I wanted to find a new quilt for my bed but walked out empty handed.

On Monday I got my hair trimmed by the lovely Crystal at the Symmetry Salon in the Pearl District of Portland. The night then ended with an abundance of food by going to Oba! and then sushi a hour later.

I always bring all the seasons of Sex and the City with me so before we went to bed we squeezed in a few more episodes because Georgia hasn't seen them all. I just love that show....and I don't care if you disagree!

Well what another great Portland visit, I miss it so much already!

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