Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feeling Good

Soooo I guess my trip home was so wonderful that I felt I needed to take another trip asap. This lovely memorial weekend will be spent driving to good ol' San Fran and Redding once again. This time I will have some wonderful friend baggage coming along for the ride. Allison hasn't ever been to San Fran so I'm excited to take her to art museums and other fun things! I also really can't wait to see the fam again!

And since I never showed pictures from my last trip to Redding, here they are!

My friend Kel(a boy) turned 22 so he had a BBQ to celebrate, it was so good seeing a bunch of my friends that are home for the summer there.
I took a drive to Jacksonville, OR just for kicks with my Dad. We used to go visit the historic town when I was a kid and it was so nice to see the green pastures of Oregon again.

And because my Dad knows I love French toast so much, we stopped at a cute place in Yreka on the way.
Jacksonville is a historic town created from the gold rush but was also once used in a 1970s Western film called "The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid"
My Dad knew all about it, I had never heard of such a film. I'm ALMOST tempted to watch it, we will see about that...

After touring the Jacksonville museum we headed home and went on high speed Go Karts!
I was lame and got motion sickness because of how fast they go (I know I'm a wuss), which easily made me last place because I was up against my speedy gonzalez sister Air Bear.

I don't care what people say, northern California is just as fun as southern California and I love my hometown : )

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