Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to the Start

I have neglected you my little blog. I have been quite busy since school started and I feel like I don't even get to see my dear friends as much : ( I really do miss you (both of you)

And since I have hardly had time to do anything adventurous, I am just going to post music that I have been listening to lately. I don't know if the fact that I work at a place that plays constant remixed music has had an effect on what I listen to, well who am I kidding all I listen to is electronic music right now. With of course the exception of a few pop and folk songs....

Every week I wake up Allison in the morning by playing Miley Cyrus's song "Party in the USA". She loves it, no really I think she does. Even despite her constant groans and cursings towards me when I do. One day I may even get her to love Taylor Swift, although she seems to resist to this notion as well. I promise you, it will happen.

But for now, here are a few songs I love.

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