Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm really excited for the holiday season to come around. It is really starting to feel like winter now that my face gets frozen every morning that I walk to school. I'm excited but sad at the same time.

I won't really get to see any of my family this year and I will especially miss seeing this little girl above. She is adorable and I always put makeup on her or paint her nails. She demands that I do so. (or somehow she finds a way to get into my sister's makeup stash and smears it everywhere!)

Aunt Gracie you better get a camera on your computer so we can have video chat this year instead! I'm saying this early so that I give you plenty of time to get one.

Miss you!

Oh. and P.S. If any of you people are staying in town, or coming into town, I want to know! (Briye I know you will be here for X-Mas and I'm so glad!) I want to see your faces : )


  1. I wish we we're going to Utah for Christmas. We always spend Christmas in California so that is where we are off too. I will call you lots just so you are entertained.

    Love you

  2. Woot Woot! Wanna have dinner with us on Christmas Day or Eve?! I can't decide when I want to do our fancy shmancy dinner...

  3. so cute