Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

So this weekend has been all sorts of fun and crazy combined. Saturday I flew to California to meet some new family that I haven't met yet (my Dad is getting married in February). I was supposed to fly out in the morning but had to settle for an early afternoon flight after sleeping through both of my alarms. Something I seem to be known for these days.....

Well after I quickly got my things together and hit the road for the airport, me and my roommate Allison were able to see the hilarious 1st Annual Provo Santa Run while driving down Center Street. It was amazing. I think this video captures it, too bad I didn't have a zoom so you can see there outfits better!

And in case you can't see it, Everyone was required to dress up as Santa Claus. (pregnant women, old men, young children, etc. were seen)

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