Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Melancholy Hill

Summer has gotten the best of me. So much, that I have forgotten to blog.

Don't worry though lil blog, I've been having lots of fun : )

Like going to the hospital cafeteria....or making late night runs to Del Taco.....oh and listening to awesome friends play music in my living room.

Pearl got a cute little elephant from the quarter machine at Del Taco.
And then she ripped his eyes off. Poor Elephant.

Some of my recent musical treats have been Norther, Cody Rigby, Emily Brown, Scott Shepard of Book on Tape Worm, Mark of Parlor Hawk, and the amazing Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees.

I feel like a lucky girl for getting into such a good house show. My own personal house show with only close friends.

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