Monday, October 18, 2010

To Build a Home

It might seem like image overload lately but I couldn't help but share this awesome project that my friend Tommy Corey put together. Titled "The Self-Worth Project" he was inspired to create awareness and unity amongst people with self doubt as a result of the recent suicides of young gay men.
"The Self-Worth project is an ongoing photo documentation of people embracing their deepest and most vulnerable insecurities. It is NOT meant to be political, religious or related to any race or orientation. It is a positive outlet for EVERYONE, because everyone should be included in sharing how they feel. Unity is power, and through that power, we can change lives.When all else has failed, choose love. It will pull you through."

This project is so inspiring. A lot of people I know are involved and I learn something new about them every time I see their insecurity written on them in these images. I can't wait to eventually participate and hope others will want to join in the effort and help spread the word about this amazing project.Here are some images that I have been touched by.

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