Monday, April 20, 2009

California Dreaming

I'm making a list of things to do when I fly into California this week. I hope I get to do as many of these things as possible : ) I just can't wait, I mean I haven't been home since Christmas and that just seems like such a long time ago.
While in SF:
go to pier 39
-look at the seals
- go to Fisherman's Wharf and enjoy some yummy seafood
-or possibly make my dad take me to Sushi Rock. (even though he thinks sushi is disgusting)
but I mean "What they can't rock, they roll!" that is the best sushi slogan I have ever heard of
-H&m, I need jeans bad!
While in Redding:
-Whiskeytown or Shasta Lake trip
-Dutch Bros Coffee (I miss their red bull w/peach and Kiwi flavoring)
-learn to drive stick
-Drive the Stang AND the newly fixed up Jeep pickup
-Enjoy our new hot tub
-watch Law and Order with my Air Bear (my sister)
-and lastly, do something special to remember my mom (she will have passed away exactly a year ago this week). Miss you momma bear

Can't wait for the good weather and good times with my family!

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