Saturday, June 13, 2009

"It's the songs that we sing..."

I know I have been off the grid, but one more week and finals will be done with! I will be partying once that time comes. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that I get a job soon! I decided not to do summer classes so hopefully I get to earn some moolah instead : )

Now to enlighten your ears....
Shiny Toy Guns is not the same without their former female singer Carah Faye. I don't really like the new girls sound. Sorry if you do....

Luckily she started her own band called Versant! Later this year they should be releasing an album and I can't wait. All I have is a teaser of one of their songs, but I have heard some of the other stuff and it seems like there will be a good set of songs coming out of the new group. Thank goodness!

Oh and please excuse the shaky video, I had no part in that.

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