Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bastille Day

Oh the joys of being unemployed. Right now you could say I am looking for job postings online, but you could also say that I am being distracted by the wonderful music coming out of my computer.

Today's distraction soundtrack is.....Mates of State!

And tonight's event will be....the free screening of 500 Days of Summer!

I mean I could complain about how I don't have any spending money but I would be missing out on such great events as this. But I do hope I get a job soon. Second interview of the week done!

Oh. And I just found this forgotten video. It made my day better.

1 comment:

  1. So 500 days of Summmer just updated their show openings page and it's coming to El Paso Aug 7th!!! I'm so excited to see it. I was so jealous of you when i found out that you saw it at Sundance and again just a few weeks ago and was so pissed that El Paso was not getting it. Lame El Paso, but Hazaah now i get to see it!!! Love you darling and can not wait to see your face in a few weeks time. :)