Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blood and Peanut Butter

Recently I went with my roomie Caroline to give blood for a church activity. I haven't given blood in forever so I was a little freaked out but in the end everything went well for me. Caroline on the other hand, had some issues.

When she was getting the needle put in the blood techy guy (I forget their official name) accidentally got blood on her. It was gross to say the least, but Caroline was such a trooper about it!

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  1. Stina my darling love!!! Favor? can i borrow your Diana when I am up there in Aug? I want to shoot some of the outfits that i am doing with it. It'll freak'n intense with a diana images look. LOVE IT!!!! right now i'm save'n for my holga/diana but with a polaroid back. Not so cheap with my budget right now. LOVE POLAROID! Most likely i will be getting it with this shoot money i'll be making. Love you. :)