Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Way We Move

Maybe this year I will post more. Just maybe.

As for my recent activities, I had a wonderful Christmas vacation that was anything but lonely.
I flew my sister into town with a flight reward I got from Southwest and got to spend some quality time with her and my friends here in Utah. I feel so blessed to know such wonderful people and loved playing Clue and Rock Band at the Webbs' casa!
And eating amazing Mexican food!!!! Although I'm sure my sister was a little disappointed at the fact she never got to have her favorite Mexican drink Champurrado (I linked it in case you don't know what it is)

And now I might just get a Snuggie! Hey...... they look really warm and comfortable!

Post edit: Maybe I should carry around a better camera, these Iphone pictures are horrible! But whatever : )


  1. Listen, Snuggies are way cooler than you even know...

  2. freakin cute blog miss. freakin cute blog.