Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Around this time of the semester I yearn for a little break from school. I know its only a month into the semester, but since I didn't go home for the holidays I am DESPERATE to see some lovely sunny and warm weather. Can't wait to be in lovely Oceanside, CA for my Dad's wedding.

And Although I will dearly miss these individuals while I am gone....

I mostly sad that I will probably miss Briye guy having her baby! Can't wait to meet you baby Rilo!

Take care of her Atom!
P.S. I have become addicted to Gossip Girl, I don't know how this happened!

POST EDIT: I finally found my other camera so I can actually post some pictures in the future that aren't gross and grainy. Sorry for the lack of quality!

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  1. Don't're not even missing anything yet. I'll be lucky if she comes this weekend. Feel better and have fun!