Friday, February 12, 2010

"Souls of Gold"

Today was a tad rough. I found out I have bronchitis and have meds that can help take it away before the wedding! However I am determined to have a good time this weekend!

Tonight when I was packing my boys (friends Jeffy and James) came over for a little visit. They truly know the key to my heart, they brought me over some In-n-Out and told me of their cute plans for Valentine's Day weekend. Lots of my friends seem to be in relationships all of a sudden: )

I feel lame because I usually hand out cards but I only managed to get Allison's done today until I had no energy left for making more.

So instead, here is a virtual one for all you out there that deserve some lovin'! Courtesy of Ambrosia Girl from last year
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! (well its a few days early, but hey, it works)
All images are from Ambrosia Girl


  1. love your handmades on etsy!
    sweet blog

  2. You are awesome and i miss your face to much everyday. I hope the wedding is fantastic and that you start to feel much much better. I'm thinking we need to chat is up and pretty soon too.