Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fall Fast Asleep

Recent picture of me and my friend Jamesy
7/9/10 Provo Village Inn
15 interesting things about least I think they are?

1. I'm a feminist, I don't think my mom ever meant me to be one but she raised me in a way that taught me to be independent and to make sure men didn't boss me around
2. I love the sound of rain. Makes me nostalgic for home. Makes me miss home.
3. French toast and french fries happen to be my favorite things to eat.
4.I'm half mexican and grew up eating yummy mexican food ALL the time. But seem to only know how to make quesedillas and quacamole. I plan on changing that real soon
5. Green is my favorite color of all. I feel like I don't have that much green stuff though. Whats up with that?
6. I always call people "hoes." I don't mean it to be rude or mean or anything, but it rather a term of endearment that I use. It doesn't make any sense I know......
7. When I think something is funny I laugh sooooooo loud. I can't help it. Additionally, my laugh is pretty ridiculous.
8. I really really love old country music. and by old I mean olllllllllllllllld.
9. My bike is cute, and old, and falling apart but I really would rather ride it than ever having to drive my really nice car
10. I know how to weld, drive a tractor, shoot a shotgun and rifle, and make wine from growing up on a vineyard.
11. I was fluent in Spanish as a kid, but lost it all when I moved to Northern California because no one really spoke it in Redding
12. I own about 30 scarves, I love every single one
13. I wish I could read history books all day long...
14. I make the best mix cds ever. Maybe not the BEST. But pretty dang close
15. My favorite movie is Inglorious Basterds

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